they’re divorced.

Isn’t your mom divorced because she cheated on you? So he couldn’t show up in front of his kid because he was too busy to come. If you’re a parent who thinks about her real child, no matter how divorced they are, they can’t be together as my child grows up, but they contact me and see each other sometimes. For 13 years, she’s been out of the blue, and she doesn’t do that unless she has a purpose. She’s sick and needs an organ transplant, or she needs someone to work at home without pay, so she’s finally here. I heard there’s another kid in the house, but if a man who remarried with a mother is working, he might have come to see her because he needs someone to look after her. I don’t want Tsuni to be hurt anymore by a mother who thinks and acts at your mother’s convenience. At this point, talk to your father and mother and ask them why they’re divorced.

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